clearaudio HIFI Bulli

A tribute to the 40th company anniversary

"A turntable starts to drive."

A lot of work has been put into the VW T1 bus from the 70's to restore it to draw the symbolic line from the past until now.

The special constructed bearing for turntables will show that listening to records in the car or on a yacht, is possible even during driving.

Therefore a customized rack has been created which can be ordered in various colors and designs.


  • Complete Hi-Fi setup includes Clearaudio concept active and ELAC Navis active-loudspeakers (Price: Approx. 25.000 € incl. furniture)

  • Customized rack developed for automotive and yachting

  • Customized interior design

  • Due to its autonomous battery power supply, the play time is up to 24 hours (solar panels usualy charge the batteries)

  • Price of the restored bus: Approx. 50.000 €

clearaudio HiFi Bulli

clearaudio HiFi Bulli with concept active turning table and ELAC NAVIS speaker.

clearaudio HiFi Bulli

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