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DNA of a revolution

The absolute phono inside is a development of the absolute phono, designed for those who prefer not to have their tonearms modified to incorporate the headshell-mounted first gain stage.

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Product specifications

The absolute phono inside uses the absolute phono's innovative circuit design including the current amplification first gain stage. However in the Inside, this is incorporated within the phonostage's main body. Through careful fine tuning, Clearaudio have been able to deliver many of the improvements bought about by the absolute phono in a more conventional phonostage configuration. Both unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR inputs are provided for connection to any tonearm on the market. These feed the fully balanced current amplification first gain stage, avoiding any need to set cartridge loading and thereby ensuring a perfect synergistic match with any moving coil cartridge. This amplified signal then passes to the specially designed main RIAA phonostage, along a signal path free of the usual relays and coupling capacitors, which again enables a more clean, pure and accurate sound. The signal is then equalized and fed to the balanced XLR outputs. The result? The signal to noise ratio is significantly enhanced, almost matching the headshell-mounted absolute phono's ten decibel improvement.

The absolute phono inside is built without compromise, incorporating an anti-resonance sandwich construction machined from solid blocks of aluminium and panzerholz wood. The sophisticated power supply, located in a second, similar, matching, chassis, keeps mains interference to a minimum. Hand-selected state-of-the-art non-magnetic silver Clearaudio Glimmer capacitors positioned at key areas of the circuit further ensure excellent clarity and purity of sound. Like the absolute phono, a single multi-function switch for 'On', 'Off' and 'Mute' modes ensures a sleek finish.

Total weight

3.25 kg (Preamplifier)
3.20 kg (Power supply)



9.45 inches
6.30 inches
2.56 inches


Power supply

9.45 inches
6.30 inches
2.56 inches


Silver aluminium

Technical specifications
Mode: MC mode
Amplification: 60dB
Input load: 250kΩ
THD: < 0.001%
Signal to noise ratio: 90dB (A-weighted)
Headroom:  + 23dB
RIAA: RIAA standard, deviation less than 0.1dB
Channel seperation: 100dB
Output impedance: 64Ω (balanced XLR)
32Ω (unbalanced RCA)
Inputs: 2 (balanced XLR / unbalanced RCA)
Outputs: unbalanced (RCA)
balanced (XLR)
Power consumption: Consumption in operation: 6.5 watts
Off mode: 0.0 watts
Power supply: Switching power supply
Input: 100 - 265V AC / 50 - 60Hz
Total weight preamplifier: Approx. 3.25kg
Total weight power supply: Approx. 3.20kg
Dimensions preamplifier (W/D/H): Approx. 240 × 160 × 65mm
Dimensions preamplifier (W/D/H): Approx. 9.45 × 6.30 × 2.56 inches
Dimensions power supply (W/D/H): Approx. 240 × 160 × 65mm
Dimensions power supply (W/D/H): Approx. 9.45 × 6.30 × 2.56 inches
Manufacturer's warranty: 5 years*
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Awards & Nominations

Award winning technology

  • fairaudio's favourite 2016
  • hi-finews - outstanding product
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What the papers say

The first absolute phono got closer to the music – like the Hubble space telescope did with the stars. The Inside produces almost the same effect, but with every arm.

Bernhard Rietschel

While there are many fine units out there that can put you right in the heart of the musical action, only the Clearaudio seems to give the impression that it has closed some 'soundproof curtains' around the ecording studio, or temporarily stopped the traffic outside the live venue you are listening to. There is no unwanted distraction to accompany your listening, the absolute phono inside simply draws you into the music and excludes all else, in a most captivating manner.
[...] a truly captivating sound quality that is difficult to criticise on any level.

Adam Smith
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