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Clearaudio's rock solid Mont Blanc and Everest racks provide the ideal support and isolation for your high-end hi-fi system.

Mont Blanc

As steady as a rock, the 80 kg Mont Blanc multi-functional rack provides the ideal support and isolation for turntable, preamplifier, amplifiers, and any other equipment.


The king of mountains, the king of turntable stands. The Clearaudio Everest is designed to provide the ideal support for our Master Reference, Maximum Solution and Anniversary turntables with a rock-solid mass of over 80 kg.


Tonearm - connector
(DIN 5-pole)

A truly high-end 5-pin tonearm cable connector exquisitely manufactured from non-magnetic materials and finished with a pure gold plated surface. Precision sprung internal contacts ensure a perfect connection between tonearm and cable, maintaining the highest fidelity of the delicate phono signal.

Accessories for turntables

Weight Watcher

Stylus gauge

An extremely precise digital stylus gauge, with an accuracy of 0.05 gram.

Speed Light

Quartz controlled 300 Hz light source

Enables exact adjustment of your turntable speed by keeping the light source independent from fluctuations in the mains frequency and voltage, which would otherwise give distorted results. A quartz oscillator generates an accurate 300 Hz light source, making precise speed adjustment easy when used in conjunction with the Clearaudio Stroboscopic Testrecord (above).





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