The company

1978 was the year Peter Suchy and his team developed Clearaudio's first moving coil cartridges. The patented fully symmetrical design and the choice of a boron cantilever were pioneering approaches which guide others to this day – while Clearaudio continues to refine them. 'Made in Germany' at Clearaudio stands for the highest quality, using high-end materials and the perfect technical implementation of intelligent innovation. Every product in Clearaudio's portfolio is conceived and produced by highly skilled specialists and precision engineers in the science city of Erlangen.

Since its inception, Clearaudio has amazed music lovers in more than 80 countries worldwide with analogue playback devices that set new standards of audio reproduction and constantly raise the bar a little higher. The range now also includes – in addition to high-end turntables, tonearms and cartridges – phonostages, preamplifiers, class A power amplifiers, connectors, cables and audio racks plus a wide range of accessories for maximum listening pleasure. The company has also embraced music production and now creates Clearaudio's own audiophile recordings and lovingly supervised re-releases of legendary classical discs once produced for the world famous Deutsche Grammophon.

Passionate and specialised staff, the highest quality materials, skilful workmanship, uncompromisingly accurate design and ingenious production technology – all taking place in Erlangen, centre of science and location of the world-famous Friedrich-Alexander University. Our city shapes and influences our aspirations and expertise.
In close proximity to the Fraunhofer and Max Planck Institutes, our engineers and mechanics research future technology – for ever greater acoustic quality.
Under the Clearaudio banner, highly trained perfectionists with innovative imaginations help to make audiophile visions come true.

Our technicians and engineers collaborate with a wide range of experts

Precision engineers, watchmakers, electronic engineers, physicists and industrial designers.

The finest materials are then intelligently combined to produce impressive forms, parts and products that bear the unmistakable signature of Clearaudio. To preserve this signature for generations to come, we share our knowledge with ambitious young trainees. As a leading training company, we take social responsibility. With our headquarters in the Meilwald nature reserve we are even pioneering ecological sustainability.

You deserve the best

Outstanding sound, flawless perfection.

To achieve this maximum in performance and durability, Clearaudio invests a large amount of time. Analogue music playback is a demanding and specialised area of craftsmanship which requires considerable patience in order to achieve maturity in development and production. To maintain our commitment to quality, we produce most of our precision components in-house.

This requires ongoing investment in production capabilities and provides independence from OEM manufacturers – fundamental pillars of the Clearaudio philosophy, and the only way to ensure consistency, clear documentation, enduring quality and traceable results. To reliably and precisely determine all measured data values, our engineers and technicians rely on leading technologies and methods.

Technology & philosophy

When standard measurements are insufficient to meet our needs, our in-house engineers develop our own measuring devices, working closely with external researchers to meet the high demands of Clearaudio performance.
This philosophy is the basis for stunning innovation and growing perfection.

Our collection of sophisticated measuring devices makes us the top leader in the development of moving coil pickups that define the world's reference class.
Using these high level standards, one of the best phono preamplifiers on the market was made – of course a Clearaudio product. Your audiophile ears will be as convinced of the results as our engineers and measuring devices.

High-end at the highest level.

To ensure the highest level of quality, we must be able to monitor every step of the manufacturing process in real time.
This is why we rely on in-house craftsmanship. Only a tiny proportion of our components are externally sourced – all exclusively from certified and specialised suppliers, usually found as locally as possible. All such component parts must fulfil strict Clearaudio requirements. Each product line undergoes a number of test steps. During the development of materials, continuous performance tests ensure optimum results. Clearaudio products leave our factory only after a careful and protocolled module test. And in the exceptional case of product damage, we retain all spare parts for up to 25 years after product launch – a unique feature appreciated by our customers.

In accordance with worldwide distribution requirements, Clearaudio's products meet all international guidelines such as EMC, CE and UL. We combine passion with responsibility.
Although our products are globally unique and distinctive, they adapt perfectly to the individual requirements of audiophile music lovers all around the world.
Through this sophisticated strategy we fulfil our goal to support the preservation of analogue music reproduction, the importance of which has experienced renewed growth in recent years. Worldwide enthusiasm for audiophile listening is once again on the rise.
Clearaudio delights in this development and will continue to drive it forward actively as a high-end audio pioneer.

Our commitment to the exceptional performance of our products is confirmed by numerous awards





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