Only those who work with the utmost meticulousness on the improvement of music playback know the extent to which power and signal cables influence the sound quality. Since the early days of Clearaudio, our engineers have undertaken ongoing research aimed at steadily improving the combination of music playback components and perfect power sources. The result is presented in a range of cable connections and special elements for clearly defined types of signals.

Clearaudio has the optimum cable for every need, from phono signals of small amplitude up to the massive power supply that needs high power connectors of the most sophisticated design. Our know-how guarantees perfect insulation of the signal conductors, 100 per cent phase consistency and perfect channel balance. This makes the perfect sound: distortion-free, clear and natural.

Sixstream Plus

Sixstream Plus uses four extremely thin litz conductors twisted together in two separate pairs to form an internal core. Excellent shielding isolates this core, preserving the fine detail of delicate musical information.

Direct Phono Plus

Our Direct Phono Plus cable in absolutely symmetrical construction with integrated central ground line and extremely flexible inner conductor is the ultimate item in direct wiring of tonearms. For an optimal switching isolation the left and right channels are mutually twisted and shielded separately.

Direct Wire Plus

The new Clearaudio Direct Wire Plus phono cable:

  • Double mono construction with separate turntable ground wire
  • High purity oxygen-free copper conductors
  • Anti-microphonic insulation prevents vibration-induced noise
  • Balanced configuration provides enhanced performance

Direct Silver Wire

Silver is the ideal conductor, especially for the delicate signal from a moving coil cartridge. In developing the Direct Silver Wire, Clearaudio have achieved their goal of producing the perfect tonearm wire. As the name suggests, the four signalcarrying conductors are made from pure silver, each with an individually polished surface and Teflon insulation. A second layer of Teflon protects against vibration-induced distortion. A braided copper shield positioned at the optimal distance around the central core protects against radio and electromagnetic interference.

Smart Wire

This entry-level cable provides audiophile performance by borrowing much of its symmetrical technology from the recording studio. The 6mm flexible outer sleeve makes it a versatile and very easy to use cable.


The energy passage from power amplifier to loudspeaker must be unhindered. Clearline's specially shaped twisting of nine separately insulated conductors allows maximum current transfer while maintaining the full integrity of every nuance of the musical signal.





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