Satisfy Kardan

Designed for use with a wide range of turntables and cartridges, the award-winning Satisfy Kardan incorporates a range of features normally associated with some of the very best tonearms.

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Product specifications

A precise, magnetic antiskating adjustment with a gentle sensitiveness, without mechanic disturbance - for pure music.

Become a witness of revolutionary direct wiring, where the signal travels uninterrupted from the cartridge to the Phono-preamplifier.

Only a few amongst the best offer this feature – it's one of a kind.

Total weight

345 – 350 gram

Tilt angle

25.54 °


Tonearm tube with black/silver aluminum or carbon

Technical specifications
Construction Details Unique dual oint desn, magnetic antiskating control
Cartridge balance range 2.5 gram – 17 gram
Zero points Inner: 66.0 mm
Outer: 120.9 mm
Audio lead Clearaudio Direkt Wire Plus (1.1 m)
terminated with MPC Cinch
Overhang 17.31 mm
Overall length 302 mm
Effective length 239.31 mm
Distance from pivot 222 mm
Tilt angle 25.54 °
Maximum Tilt angle according to the radius 0.123 °/cm
Anti-skating factor at a radius of 62.9 mm and 126.9 mm 0.43
Total weight Satisfy Kardan Black Aluminum: 350 gram
Satisfy Kardan Silver Aluminum: 350 gram
Satisfy Kardan Carbon: 345 gram
Warranty 2 years*
User manuals
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