balance reference phono

One device containing two full-fledged symmetrical phono preamplifiers

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Product specifications

The new balance reference phono was developed especially for the phono enthusiast, featuring completely independent phono inputs for connecting moving coil and moving magnet phono cartridges. It provides total freedom in selecting balanced (XLR) or single-ended (RCA) inputs and outputs with the total flexibility of adjusting the input impedance for most cartridges.

The sophisticated volume and input circuitry are accessible with the supplied remote control. The high-performance design provides 2 headphone connections. A dual-mono power supply housed in its own dedicated aluminium chassis assures the highest sound quality.

The balance reference phono is truly a world-class phono stage for analog aficionados.

Total weight

Approx. 2.9 kg (Preamplifier)
Approx. 2.2 kg (Power supply)



9.45 inches
5.71 inches
(6.22 inches deepth with RCA)
3.07 inches


Power Supply

9.45 inches
5.71 inches
3.07 inches


Silver and black aluminium

Technical specifications
Mode MM / MC switchable (at bottom)
Subsonic filter switchable @20Hz (-18dB / Oct) (at bottom)
Stereo / Mono switchable
Amplification + 46dB (MM mode)
+ 66dB (MC mode)
Input load 50kΩ / 50pF (MM mode and MC mode)
+150pF, +270pF, +400pF (MM mode)
10kΩ, 5kΩ, 1000Ω, 500Ω, 100Ω, 50Ω (MC mode)
RIAA accuracy ± 0.1dB @ 20Hz - 100kHz
THD < 0.001% (IEC A)
Signal to noise ratio - 89dB @ 5mV / MM mode (IEC A)
- 79dB @ 500uV / MC mode(IEC A)
Headroom > + 21dB @ 1kHz
Max. output voltage > 12V
RIAA 75μs / 318μs / 3180μs, 2 passive filter
Channel seperation > 95dB @ 1kHz (IEC A)
Output impedance 150Ω (balanced XLR)
75Ω (unbalanced RCA)
Inputs unbalanced (RCA)
balanced (XLR)
Outputs unbalanced (RCA)
balanced (XLR)
headphone output (2 × Jack: 6.3mm)
Power consumption Max. consumption: 12 watts
Standby mode: < 0.5 watts
Off mode: 0.0 watts (by switching off at the rear of the machine)
Power supply 2x ± 18V DC
(external power supply 2x ± 21V DC), 1.4m cable length
Total weight preamplifier Approx. 2.9kg
Total weight power supply Approx. 2.2kg
Dimensions preamplifier (W/D/H) Approx. 240 × 145 × 78mm
(158mm deepth with RCA)
Dimensions preamplifier (W/D/H) Approx. 9.45 × 5.71 × 3.07 inches
(6.22 inches deepth with RCA)
Dimensions power supply (W/D/H) Approx. 240 × 145 x 78mm
Dimensions power supply (W/D/H): Approx. 9.45 × 5.71 × 3.07 inches
Manufacturer's warranty: 3 years*
User manuals
reviews & awards
Awards & Nominations

Award winning technology

  • Award Goldenes Ohr 2024 stereoplay
  • Highlight Fidelity
  • fairaudio klangstark & featurereich
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