Vinyl cult: The most delicious vinyl records on YouTube

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Vinyl is living, vinyl is a cult. Not only that people always (re)discover their passion for the record, no, experience on YouTube we currently blossoming of exceedingly strange and curious vinyl flowers. I looked around me even in the depths of the video vault for you and found on numerous magic Groove. I want to introduce some of them here:

You can have records like to eat – chocolate…

… or also in the form of a tasty tortillas:

Even though the summer is almost over the mag an or others also put up a cold cuts of cooling-sounding records of pure ice of you:

Who’s the greatest? The probably biggest record the world can neither play with a Virtuoso V2 , still with a Goldfinger statement. There must have a “fully” 500 Fiat ran:

Whether records from the 3D printers are the future? I don’t know. In the United States but someone slabs of plastic plates from the store carves:

Records on old X-rays appeared several years ago in fact in larger runs. In the former Soviet Union, the raw material for vinyl records was precious, and Government critical singer-songwriter had no chance to get immortalized their music in official press works on record. Not but is inventive: some artists squeezed and released their work on old x-rays. These X-ray plates are today sought after and valuable. Colleagues tell the story of these valuables by the vinyl factory on YouTube:

The Kingdom of Bhutan released seven round stamps in the year 1972 with music and voice recordings. The stamp plates are playable on any turntable with 33 rpm. Listen to folk songs, but also the Royal anthem. The value as postage stamps is printed on all disks. You can post letters and parcels with them actually – but only in Bhutan:


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