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This Clearaudio innovation transmits even tiny signals without any interference and remains absolutely unaffected by resonances.

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Product specifications

If mechanical parts do not touch, there can be no friction. The Clarify tonearm uses magnetic bearings and is therefore completely frictionless.

The Clarify can be used with virtually all cartridges with a weight from 2.5 to 19 grams, but reaches its maximum performance potential and richest sound when combined with the Ovation turntable and a Clearaudio moving coil (MC) cartridge.

Total weight

320 gram
410 gram incl. counter weight

Tilt angle

25.54 °


Carbon Fibre

Technical specifications
Construction Details Friction free tonearm with magnetic bearing technology
Cartridge balance range 2.5 gram – 17 gram
Zero points Inner: 66.0 mm
Outer: 120.9 mm
Audio lead clearaudio Direct Wire Plus (1.1 m)
terminated with MPC Cinch
Overhang 17.31 mm
Overall length 335 mm
Effective length 9 inches (exact 239.31 mm)
Distance from pivot 222 mm
Tilt angle 25.54 °
Maximum Tilt angle according to the radius 0.123 °/cm
Anti-skating factor at a radius of 62.9 mm and 126.9 mm 0.43
Total weight 320 gram
410 gram (incl. counter weight)
Mounting style Linn / Clearaudio
Warranty 2 years*
User manuals
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