deep record cleaning with sonic option

Double Matrix

The Sonic refers to a sonic option, in which sonic vibrations enable deep cleaning while being gentle and almost noisefree. Variable speed operation and static electricity removal as part of the cleaning process ensure perfect results.

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An innovative entry

Innovation Basic

Provides the main technical characteristics of our Innovation, in a reduced "Basic" design that rivals it's larger siblings.

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World's first active headshell

Absolute Phono

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A listening experience!

Charisma V2

The Charisma V2 is the new flagship of the Clearaudio MM cartridge range.

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A small giant

Nano Phono V2

For such a little fellow,
sonically the Nano has
the heart of a lion and
gives its all in every

HiFi News - Editor's Choice Award

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Reduce to the maximum

MC Essence

High-quality moving coil technology combined with a minimalist design.

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High Five - A New Dimension in tangential technology


With the TT5, we offer vinyl fans a more affordable entry point into tangential tonearm technology.

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Latest news

Wolfgang Bernreuther

New Experience

180g Vinyl

With this album Wolfgang Bernreuther has realized something very special. With eleven top-notch musicians by his side he has been working on this magnificent work of art for more than a year.

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Handmade Worldtour

We participate in the "Handmade in Germany Worldtour" and send our Performance DC once around the world.

The selection of contemporary high-quality products from Germany displays masterworks from 180 German manufactories, artisans and designers, hand-made precious objects and cultural assets manufactured in Germany. Starting in St. Petersburg, the collection will be hosted by, among other places, Hong Kong, Taipei, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and Abu Dhabi.

The "Handmade in Germany" exhibition shows that German handicrafts are to this day influenced by the spirit of artistic movements such as the Werkbund and the Bauhaus and are one of the most important elements of Germany's cultural heritage. "Handmade in Germany" is a journey through the objects and people of modern and traditional Germany. The exhibitors include world-renowned luxury brands, manufactories, individual designers and award-winning art studios. It is precisely this mix of small and large, well-known and undiscovered manufacturers, which makes the exhibition so appealing.

Handmade in Germany Worldtour

Product Catalogue 2015

Download the Clearaudio product catalogue 2015 with all the latest turntables, cartriges, tonearms and many more.

Sound+Image Awards 2015

Turntable of the year over $3000

(no Highly Commended)

Clearaudio Performance DC

We are proud for beeing rewarded Turntable of the year in the category above 3000$.

Visit the microsite for a complete list of all winners.

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Design Spotlight

@ Modern Luxury Hawai'i Holiday 2014 / Spring 2014

In their recent issue, Modern Luxury's design experts focus on the Master Innovation.

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"reddot award" 2014

Clearaudio is proud to be awarded for the "Absolute phono" with the red dot award 2014.

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With more than 4791 submissions from 60 countries in 2014, the international "red dot award" is the largest and most renowned design competition in the world.

Clearaudio sponsoring It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine

From now on the Psychedelic Baby Magazine will play their vinyl exclusively on a Clearaudio Concept High End turntable.

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Hélène Grimaud


2x 180g vinyl

A musical score only tells part of the story. Hélène Grimaud searches for the meaning behind the music, often revealing a study of the personalities and emotions that make up a particular work.

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