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Company management

Peter Suchy

Company founder, Research and Development

Peter Suchy: a skilful developer with a strong and clear vision. An engineer who is never content with the status quo and engages in ongoing research to drive continuous innovation. Suchy is a man who starts with the optimum and redesigns it until it reaches new levels of perfection and sets new standards. He represents the avantgarde of audio technology and has the ability to bring his extraordinary ideas to life.

His philosophy of achieving the maximum possible is represented in every single cartridge, tonearm, turntable and accessory.

Take the best and make it better, only then is it just good enough

The next generation

Peter Suchy is more than just the man behind the products. His dedication and personal commitment mean that he puts his heart and soul, knowledge and passion, into his work. These are qualities which Suchy's children Robert, Patrick and Veronika have inherited.

They are taking forward the mission of further developing Clearaudio's products and exploring new fields of technology with one ultimate goal in mind: to reproduce recorded music with the best possible fidelity for generations to come.

Robert Suchy - Marketing, Export, Business Operations
Veronika Suchy - Human Resources, Organisation, Business Operations
Patrick Suchy - Organisation, Purchasing, Construction


Michael Huth

Accounting manager, responsible for accounting and customer service.

After completing my apprenticeship in 2004, one of my main areas of responsibility is accounting. You may think that's just about numbers, but in truth it's about translating the data into meaningful pictures of how the company is doing at every level, to support good decision-making. My second key area of responsibility is assisting in the purchasing department, where our goal is to maximize product quality while also keeping an eye on costs and ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Carina Brendel

Office Management / Service

I successfully completed my apprenticeship with Clearaudio in July 2008. My tasks mainly include customer service, accounting and ordering. I fully share Clearaudio's goal to satisfy our customers and provide the best possible service.

Ralf Rucker

Production manager, with responsibility for technical apprenticeships

I`ve been a member of the Clearaudio production team since 1998 and am currently the production manager, which includes responsibility for our technical apprenticeships.
For me, it`s a pleasure to produce Clearaudio's range of high-end components, as they give our customers the experience of listening to great music in stunning detail!

James Rose

Head of logistics and quality management

Since July 2002, my team and I have been doing everything possible to ensure that all Clearaudio customer orders from around the world are fulfilled and shipped in a timely manner, to ensure the best possible customer satisfaction worldwide.




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